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Building wealth for your family doesn’t mean that you need to forego your own principles and values.

Here at Greater Purpose Capital, we help you build wealth that you can pass down for generations, while also giving back to the communities we live in, today.

We do this through helping you invest in multifamily and other real estate syndications (group investments). That is, we pool together money from multiple investors just like you to buy a housing community together. This can be an apartment complex, a group home for people with Autism, or an assisted living facility, where we invest in the lives of the residents, while also making strong investment returns to build our own strong financial future.

We go in and revitalize that community, breathing new life into the public spaces and neglected interiors, and partner with humanitarian and faith based organizations to invest resources and time into the lives of our residents. This creates a win for the residents, as well as a win for our investors. In short, we invest for meaningful impact!

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I didn’t grow up with money. Quite the opposite, in fact. I lived in Section 8 housing when I was growing up, and money was always scarce. But I was determined to break the cycle of poverty and create wealth for myself and my family.

After working with high net worth individuals and corporations through traditional investments for years in the financial sector, I discovered firsthand the power of real estate investments as an alternative. I discovered that well placed, strong multifamily investments can create stable cash flow, equity growth, and asset preservation (the trifecta of investments).

I started investing in real estate over 20 years ago and used my investments to achieve financial freedom, retire from my job at age 44, and pursue my true passion: helping other women, from apartments like I grew up in to accredited investors like many of my clients, to create the financial freedom and wealth needed to change their lives.


Over the 20+ years I’ve invested in real estate, I’ve purchased, renovated, sold, and rented millions of dollars in real estate across numerous asset classes.

Through both my own holdings and as a General Partner, I have ownership in and asset manage a portfolio of real estate valued at over $160 million. I’ve invested in over 2000 multifamily doors.

But in all of that, my true passion is in giving back and helping others. Helping women like you to realize the benefits of multifamily investing, and helping entire communities create brighter, more financially secure futures for their families.


Real estate syndications are essentially group investments. Rather than investing in a rental property on your own, real estate syndications allow you to invest passively, alongside dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of other investors just like you. Together, we invest in a commercial asset, like an apartment community.

When you invest passively in a real estate syndication, you get to invest your money and let us do the work for you. We find and manage the properties on your behalf. You sit back and enjoy the passive income with your family, knowing that your money is making a difference in the world.


You won’t find anyone in the commercial real estate space more generous and compassionate than Anna Kelley. Anna has created multiple successful businesses, operates with the highest integrity, and has created something truly unique through Greater Purpose Capital.

Anna invests in real estate for all the right reasons and brings decades of knowledge and experience to the table. Through hard work and perseverance, Anna was able to achieve financial freedom, creating the life she truly wanted for her family, and now she’s passionate about helping others do the same.

Anna genuinely cares about all of her investors, as well as the communities she invests in. If you’re looking for a top-notch syndication team to place your hard-earned capital with, while also making a meaningful impact in local communities, look no further than Anna Kelley and Greater Purpose Capital.

Annie Dickerson
Real Estate Syndicator & Passive Investor


Perhaps you’re here because you share our passion for community and serving a Greater Purpose. If so, we invite you to take the first step today, through joining the Greater Purpose Investor Tribe.

Together, we can build wealth while investing for meaningful impact.